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2019 Membership Application

Note: if you join or renew your membership after October 1, 2019, your membership is valid through 12/31/2020.
Visit www.oregontrackclub.org for membership details, including merchant discounts and current
information about the Club and its activities.


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Regular - Age 19 and over (Individual or Family)
Masters - Age 30 and over (Individual or Family) includes Masters activities and socials
Junior - An individual 18 years of age and under - includes free All Comers entry fees
Junior t-shirs will be available for junior members at All Comers meets for $5.00
Business Member - Please see separate form (www.oregontrackclub.org)

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Family/Couple - 1 or 2 Adults & their children 18 years of age and under - $40
Includes free All Comers entry fees and two youth t-shirts. Additional t-shirts may be purchased for $5.00
Individual - A membership for one person - $30
Junior - $20
Privacy Statement: Your date of birth is used to determine your membership category and is not shared or published. Your contact information is to keep you informed of Oregon Track Club activities.

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OTC publishes an annual roster for its members. Please check any information you want omitted:
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Our Newsletters are available on our website on the 1st of each month. A printed copy is available upon request, please call (541) 343-7247.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Butte to Butte     Merchandise Sales
Membership Committee     All Comers' Meets
Hayward Classic     Media & Marketing Committee
Membership Registration     Officiating
Youth/Various Activities    

Questions? E-mail: Info@OregonTrackClub.org

To MAIL this form instead of submitting online, print and mail with payment to:
Oregon Track Club P.O. Box 11364, Eugene, OR 97440

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Pre's Trail donation of $75.00 includes a Pre's Trail t-shirt.

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